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Arcade Games, Delicious Walt’s Pizza & Craft Beer

Everything you need for a fantastic night out

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Whether you’re drinking beer or playing games—or both!—we’re here for a good time.

Ready to break away from the club scene and try something fun? Ever feel a little nostalgic for the arcade games of your childhood? We do. That’s why we opened Bonus Round Bar in Sioux Falls, the first retro arcade bar in all of South Dakota! We have games from decades past just waiting for you to awaken your inner-kid and shoot for the new high score, as well as brand new arcade games offering all-new adventures.

Visit today, play a round and place your vote to let us know which new games you’d like a chance to play!

Discover South Dakota’s First Arcade Bar

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Craft Beer and Wine Bar

Craft Beer and Wine Bar

Alcohol makes any game more interesting, but we believe in providing local craft beers and quality wine that does more than serve as a vehicle for a buzz—which we just consider an added bonus! Our beers are unique and pack a punch of awesome flavor of multiple varieties. We also take great care in choosing which wines we serve our customers. We’ve got our old standbys that are proven crowd favorites and new bottles that promise to be both interesting and delicious. Visit today to check out our stock and play a round!

Fire up your taste buds for Walt’s Pizza

Fire up your taste buds for Walt’s Pizza

Bonus Round Bar is proud to be the only business in Sioux Falls offering the famous pizzas from Walt’s Homestyle Foods. Don’t settle for a chain or a factory frozen pizza that’s destined to disappoint. Walt’s makes fantastic pizza with locally sourced ingredients that are guaranteed to make your mouth water. Come on in to Bonus Round Bar today for a taste of our delicious pizzas!

No worries at Bonus Round Bar

No worries at Bonus Round Bar

The Bonus Round Bar has a onsite change machine and ATM for the convenience of all of our patrons. Keep the games going and the drinks flowing all night long!

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